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Welcome to my website and herbal practice. My name is Anita Wąsik. I am medical herbalist and biomedical scientist. I obtained my doctorate degree at the Faculty of Medicine (University of Helsinki, Finland) and a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (University of Wroclaw, Poland). I spent several years working as a biomedical scientist in Poland, Germany and Finland.

My love of the natural world combined with my empathic nature, strong desire to help others, and curiosity about holistic approaches to healing led me to the naturopathic medicine. I studied at Heartwood Herbal Medicine College which is accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). Here I trained in orthodox medicine as well as plant medicine including areas of medical sciences, pharmacology, materia medica, clinical reasoning and physical examinations. Furthermore I undertook 500 hours of clinical training. I am a member of the Finnish Federation of Natural Medicine and Finnish Phytotherapy Association.

I believe in the practice of integrative medicine. Conventional medicine has effective treatment for serious acute diseases. However, the majority of health issues are insidious and manifest in the form of chronic diseases. We can reclaim our health and vitality by blending traditional healing methods with the latest research. Science is now catching up to the historical use of many herbs and nutrients being scientifically studies in great detail.

As a medical herbalist I offer an individual and natural approach with regards to your and your environment as a whole. I offer herbal and nutritional counseling for acute and chronic problems. My clinical practice is grounded in the tradition of Western Herbal Medicine combining conventional medical science and diagnosis as well as plant medicine known as phytotherapy. Patients are seen online, in Helsinki (Astris Clinic) and in Jyväskylä (Hyvinvointi- ja kuntoutuskeskus Amida) by appointment only.

with best wishes,
Anita Wąsik, PhD, DipHM

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